Instructions for Reporting a Bug

Report a bug with ByteLogger
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Instructions for Reporting a Bug

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In order for us to quickly resolve the issue with our software, please submit the following information in your post:

Operating system: (i.e. Windows 7)
DME variant: (i.e. MS42) <-- Can be found by looking at the sticker on your DME
Detailed description of the issue: Please be as descriptive as possible and explain which events lead up to the issue. Please try to replicate the bug before submitting a post because this will increase the chances of us fixing it sooner.

Also, be sure to attach any screenshots or other information that can help debug the problem. After your post has been read by our support staff, we will resolve the issue as quickly as possible. After fixing the issue, we will add it to the version history of the next software release and close the request.